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FedLoan Introduction

Many people don’t even know what exactly FedLoan is. It is a student loan servicer and has been servicing federal student loans for a long time. You can also visit the official website of FedLoan at The company exists to service federal loans. FedLoan is not the only loan servicer in the United States. There are many but FedLoan is a widely known loan servicer. There are thousands of students who prefer FedLoan because it is specialized in this area.

Repaying Student Loans via FedLoan

Have you taken out a loan with a company other than FedLoan? Well, then you should know that your loan can still be sold to Fedloan. When FedLoan services your loan then you will make payments to FedLoan. FedLoan has a dedicated portal accessible everywhere. You can access the portal at The option of managing your loan through the mail is also available.

MyFedLoan Login

You must register yourself first at “ Link” and only then you will be able to manage your loan online. Once the registration process is complete, your account will be set up and then you can connect your banking account to the FedLoan system. Once the connection is made, you can sign up for direct debit debits.

Sometimes users face different login issues. To login, you must know your username and password. On the FedLoan login page, there is a link named “Having Trouble Signing In”. Click this link if you don’t remember your username or password or both. You will be prompted to enter your SSN, last name and your date of birth to recover your login credentials.

Want to Repay FedLoan Student Loan Faster?

People often ask that if there is any way they can repay FedLoan Student Loan faster? Well, yes there is a way. Paying more than your monthly payment is the best way to repay your loan faster.

Federal Student Loan Forgiveness

Following are the situations when you repay your student loans.

If you

  • Don’t complete your education
  • Not happy with the education you got.

Following are various types of forgiveness you should have knowledge about.

  • Federal Family Education Loan Program Loans.
  • Perkins Loans
  • Closed School Discharge
  • Discharge in Bankruptcy
  • Borrower Defense Discharge
  • Teacher Loan Forgiveness

How to Contact FedLoan?

You can contact FedLoan through the mail or phone number.

Dial the following toll-free number of FedLoan


Here is the mail address you can send your payments to:

Department of Education

FedLoan Servicing

P.O. Box 530210

Atlanta, GA 30353-0210

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