Uber Customer Service

UberCall 1-415-986-2104 – 24 Hours 7 Days of Week (24/7)

You can easily contact Uber customer service agent using this number. No matter, what kind of issue you have. Usually, people call Uber for the following issues. Popular issues asked by Uber users are driver support, office locations, corporate office contact,  what is Uber toll-free number? Uber taxi rates, emergency number, Uber estimator, payment related questions and city locations.

About Uber

Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp are the founders of the company. Uber is the United States based company but operates worldwide. Smartphone user can download and install the app on their phones. The app is available for Android and iOS.

Uber is a worldwide known transportation networking company. People often want to contact Uber customer service but they cannot because they don’t know Uber phone number or email address. Drivers and riders can contact Uber customer service anytime anywhere.

Popular Questions and Answers

How to Contact my driver to recover a lost item

How to Contact Uber Customer Service

There are several ways to contact Uber customer service. You can get in touch with Uber through phone number, app, email, social media, postal mail address, and Uber live chat.

Uber Phone Numbers

People often say that it is very difficult to contact Uber over the phone. Yes, it is true to some extent. It looks like Uber avoids getting in touch with its customers. People say that when they dial the number they get to hear a recorded message. But, still, there is nothing wrong in at least trying to reach Uber customer service.

  1. Uber Emergency Phone Number: 1-800-353-8237
  2. Customer Service Uber Phone Number: 1-415-986-2104
  3. Uber Headquarters Phone Number: 1-866-576-1039

Uber Customer Service

Uber App Contact

You can use your Uber App to contact Uber customer service. Contact Uber using the trip support link in the Uber app you have installed on your smartphone. There are categories like lost an item, my driver was not professional, I had an issue with my promo code etc. Your question will be answered within sixty minutes.

Uber is available for Android and Apple devices.

Uber Email Support

Use the Uber email form to file your complaint. Go to the following link to get Uber email form.


Uber wants drivers and riders to contact the company through Uber app.

Uber on Social Media

Most of the companies are found on Twitter. Uber uses the Twitter handle @Uber_Support. You just have to submit the details of the problem you are having.

Uber Postal Mail Address

Here is the Uber Postal Mail Address

1455 Market St# 400, San Francisco, CA 94103.
United States.

Live Chat

Uber also provide the live chat option using which you can contact the company anytime. Go to the Uber live chat page at t.uber.com/chatwithus.

Uber Customer Service Contact Resources

1455 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94102

2 Replies to “Uber Customer Service

  1. Yesterday, I have lost my bag having some important documents while driving with Uber car services in New York City. I know Uber don’t have any customer service phone number for help. But I have found this number 1-415-986-2104. I want to ask one question. Do you have any direct number to contact with Uber customer care agent without dialing any additional extension? Please provide my the number or email address to contact the drive the get my bag back as soon as possible. Otherwise, next time I will switch to the other taxi services in my city. I have a lot of other options as compare to Uber.

  2. Uber doesn’t have its customer service number. But the number mentioned above is for lost items helpline. The phone number is not authentic and Uber is not ready to help people directly.

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