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Target eHR Employee Portal Guide

In this comprehensive step by step guide, you’ll learn almost everything about Target eHR. Target employees access Target team member portal to

There are different login pages of Target. Having more than one login pages often creates problems because employees don’t know which login page they should use. In this article, we also have discussed different login pages which a Target employee should have knowledge about.

Target Team Member Service

Following are the two login pages which Target employees use.

If you cannot access the login pages given above then there are two things you can do

  • Don’t include www in the website address
  • Use a different browser or delete your cache.

The username and password are the same you use for eHR and workbench. Those who don’t have the login information should know that they can use their 8-digit Target Team Member number and your eHR password.

Team Member Secure Connect
Screenshot: Team Member Secure Connect


Target Team Member Secure Login

Target employees use SecureConnect to connect to various Target resources. The device you are planning to use such as laptop, PC or Mac, must be set up to meet Target Security Standards. Here is the address you need to use to access SecureConnect.

There are some requirements you must fulfill if you want to use the Secure Connect system.

Screenshot: Target Schedule Login Screen Page
Screenshot: Target Schedule Login Screen Page


Target Bullseye Shop

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Target “View My Schedule”

Target employees frequently access “View My Schedule” option. They use their home PCs to view their upcoming schedules. This is how they stay updated. You will be using your Team Member Number and your Workbench/eHR password as your login credentials. There is no use of bookmarking the login page because they are generated dynamically.

 Target Pay and Benefits

You can access Target benefits page by navigating to

There you can check your paystubs, health benefits etc. If this is the first time you have accessed the login page then you must register first. In order to register, you need the following

  • Last four digits of your social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Zip code

Register yourself using the information given above and once you are there you will see that the system already has your personal information stored. Next, you need to create your login information consisting of user ID and password. You will also be prompted to set up five security questions. You will always use your user ID and password to login. Once you are logged in you can access the Benefits portal using a different Internet browser. To verify your identity you will be asked some question or a code will be sent at your phone number.

Target Health Benefits

Following are some health benefits and resources available to team members you would like to have a look at.

  • Telehealth
  • NurseLine
  • Team Member LifeResources
  • Programs and rewards
  • Maternity leave

Target Financial Benefits

Financial benefits offered to Target employees are listed here.

  • 401k plan
  • Target Credit Union
  • Life insurance
  • Commuter benefits
  • Vacation, national holidays
  • Daycare Flexible Spending Account
  • Children discount

Target Team Member Number and LAN ID

The number you use on time clocks is your Target Team Member Number and you can also find the same on your paycheck or Team Member Discount Card. Remember there are eight character in your Team Member Number and the number starts with two zeros. There is no need to use two zeros. You can check the following examples. The format of the Target Team Member Number is e.g. 34256223, 0014526957, 0001346624

Target LAN ID

The second piece of information you need to login is your Target LAN ID. There are two formats of Target LAN IDs.

Your target ID can be made up of a letter and six numbers. E.g. L213148, F153246


Your Target ID can be made up of a group of letters followed by numbers. E.g. HEXO5478, JPYRL2

Contact Target HR Phone Number

Looking for the Target Team Member Services Department phone number? Feel free to dial the phone number give below.


When you call, keep the following information to hand

  • Work Number Login
  • Target Employee Code
  • Username
  • PIN


Useful Resources.

Kindly visit the Target resources for more information and resources including Target eHR Login, employee portal, rewards, employee verifications, Credit Union, and much more.

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  1. Can you explain how to view my target ehr schedule easily without having the android or ios apps. I am really not happy with the way to they are dealing with the employees. It is your responsibility to show their mobile apps and usage guidelines. What is the reset password number and how to reset my password without using my number? I used to login first time but not working at home. Please share more information. thank you, sir.

  2. Currently, I am seeing team member services Homepage having the following information on that page. Access Outlook & other systems. 2nd a red button with the message ” update personal information, sign up for direct deposit, submit time off & more. I am not able to understand, why I am seeing this page. I am from new york city and seeing this page instead of target ehr page with login boxes.

  3. These details is provided by the Aviation Authority as a public service and it is not liable for any errors omissions.

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