Guide for MyKohlsCharge and Kohis Credit Card

Once you have read this article there will be no ambiguity in your mind regarding MyKohlsCharge.

Kohls’ customers access MyKohlsCharge. Kohls is a popular chain of department stores. Those who are Kohls customers are familiar with Kohls credit card management service known as MyKohlsCharge. It is an online site which only exists to address credit card related services.

Once customers have registered for this service they can do a lot of things such as

  • Pay Kohls bill
  • Check balance
  • Transactions history
  • Read messages
  • Choose how you want to receive your statements
  • Edit your contact details such as phone and email
  • Request paperless statements
  • Choose to get sale alerts
  • Activate your credit card

MyKohlsCharge Login

You can use your computer to login to MyKohlsCharge. Smartphones and tablets are very common these days. You can also login through your smartphone. But, keep one thing in mind that if you need to change your bank account information then you must login through your computer.

Simply go to and there you can see the Kohls Credit Card Login button. There you need to find and click MyKohlsCharge button.  Another way to get to MyKohlsCharge is through accessing

Having Trouble Logging In?

It is very important for you to know that there are two accounts people that people access. Both these accounts serve different purposes. Following are the two accounts.

  • My Kohls Charge account

  • com Shopping account

The first account is if for those who have Credit Card Charge account and the second account ( is for shopping. You must not forget the password of your My Kohls Charge account. Your account contains sensitive information this is why only you should have access to it. You will be required to register again if you forget your password. You will receive a password in your email which will remain valid for a very short time. Sign in using the password and then create a new password.

MyKohlsCharge Username and Password consist of 4-20 characters and 8-20 characters respectively. Don’t forget to turn off your Caps Lock key when entering your login credentials.

Applying for Kohl’s Credit Card

Having Kohl’s credit card means you can get twelve special offers a year. On the first day, you will get 25% discount on shopping.

 Kohl’s Charge Card Payment Options

When you are making a payment in Kohl’s store, debit cards are acceptable. If you are making payment on your Kohls Charge Card balance, credit cards will not be accepted.

Kohl’s Charge Online Payments

You can make online payments after you have registered yourself at

Substitute Bill Pay Services

Make sure that you make the payment five working days before your due date. It is to make sure that your payment is posted by the due date.

Kohl’s Charge Phone & Mail Payments

The option of using your phone to make payment is also available. You simply have to dial 1 (855) 564-5748 to reach Kohls Credit Card automated phone system. Make sure that you have a bank routing and account number. If you wish to talk to a live representative, then call between 7am to 10 pm. For debit card payments, you will need a live representative.

You will need mail address to make your check out to.

Kohl’s Payment Center

P.O. Box 2983

Milwaukee, WI 53201-2983

Kohl’s Charge In-Store Payments

Need to make payment at the store? Yes, you can by cash, debit card, check, money order or with a Kohls’ Cares card. You can make payment within store hours. $3000 is the maximum limit.

Kohl’s Credit Card Limit Increase

Access your MyKohlsCharge account first and then there you can apply to increase your credit card limit. Follow these instructions.

  • Once you are logged into MyKohlsCharge, go to Account Summary
  • Click on “Request Credit Line Increase”
  • You will be asked to enter your annual income. Enter the required information and then click Submit.

What is Kohl’s Credit Card Customer Service Number?

Here is the customer service number.


You should know that you can also reach Kohl’s Credit Card through email. To apply for Kohi’s credit card, please visit the following link.

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