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Question: What is Lyft customer service phone number?
Answer: The customer support number of Lyft is 855-865-9553

Following are the customer service options of Lyft.

Emergency Phone Number

People search for the emergency phone number of Lyft customer service. If there is an emergency, you can dial the following number.


Lost and Found

Lost something while riding with Lyft? No problem, You can contact using the app. Just go to the “Ride History” and search your trip. Navigate to “Find lost Items”. You can also click on the link received via email receipt. For more information visit Lost something?

Lyft Customer Support within App

If you have Lyft app then reaching Customer Support is extremely easy. Open the app and you will see an icon on the top left side of the screen. The icon contains your picture. Click on the icon.

Select “Help” from the menu that appears and your last trip with Lyft will be shown on the screen. Touch it and you will see these options

  • Find lost item
  • Request review

You simply have to touch the one you want to use.

Contact Information

If you want to talk to somebody in person, dial the Lyft phone number listed below.

  1. Call 855-865-9553
  2. Press 2
Lyft Phone Number
Lyft Phone Number

Lyft Email

You can reach Lyft via following email

Lyft Help

Visit the following link to read FAQs

Follow Lyft on Social Media

You can like and follow the Facebook and Twitter pages of Lyft.

Lyft Customer Service

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  1. Top of the day, Lyft Customer Relations Supervisor,

    How are you? Well!!, I hope. I hope that you enjoyed the 4Th Of July holiday. On Tuesday, the 4Th Of July, I requested a pick-up. The driver was approximately 3 minutes away. I saw the driver go past me without picking me up because they weren’t paying attention. They cost me 1, and a half of my time, which was work that I wasn’t able to complete yesterday due to the driver’s non-sense. I would like my $10.70 refunded back to the card, plus the additional $7.21 that I had to pay for an alternative resolution. If you have any questions, please call me.

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