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Burger King Corporate Office, Headquarters Email, Phone and Contact Information

Burger King is a world famous American chain of fast food restaurants. You can find Burger King’s fans in almost every country of the world. A few years back most of the fast food restaurants like Burger King were operating in a few countries but now they are operating globally. People often find it difficult to find Burger King Corporate Office address and other information like phone number, Jobs and Careers pages. Here you can find information about Burger Kind Corporate offices.

The fast food giant, Burger King, started operating in 1953. It has extended its operations worldwide. The company was originally named Insta-Burger King but later changed to Burger King. Hamburgers remain the top food served at Burger King restaurants. You can also order other food items such as chicken, French fries, milkshakes, hot dogs, salads, desserts, breakfast, soft drinks, and salads. These food items can be found in most of the Burger King menus.

How to Contact Burger King Corporate Office?

You can reach Burger King headquarters via

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Mail

Phone Number

Use your phone to dial +1-305-378-3000


Compose an email and send it to Burger King customer service at support@bk.com

Postal Mail

Burger King Headquarters
5505 Blue Lagoon Drive,
Miami, FL, 33126

Burger King Headquarters
Burger King Headquarters

Burger King Corporate Management

Corporate management of Burger King consists of the following management.

  • Daniel Schwartz


  • Joshua Kobza


  • Jill Granat

Secretary & General Counsel

Burger King Job Openings

Thinking about joining Burger King as an employee? Yes, you can. You just have to visit the careers page Burger King has created at


There you can find jobs divided into three categories which are Campus Vacancies, In-restaurant Jobs, and Professional roles. Students and fresh graduates should visit Campus Vacancies.

 File Complaint with Burger King

You can use your phone to reach Burger King Customer Service Department. All you need to dial is +1-866-394-2493. If you are a Facebook user, you can visit Burger King Facebook page at


There you can say whatever you have to say about the product and services of Burger King. There you will see “Leave us a message” button. Click it to see the complaint form. If you have any issues with Burger King Crown Card or Burger King Mobile app then your contact information is required. You can also visit Burger King Twitter page at

At the twitter page you can chat with customer care agents.

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