Application.CapitalOne.Com Credit Card Reservation User Guide

CapitalOne is the United States based bank holding company founded in 1988. The company has a good reputation. It offers a wide range of products and services such as retail banking, credit cards, loans and much more. CapitalOne offered which is a reserve portal. It is used to reserve a credit card. There are two things you will need before you think about using

Those two things are reservation number and an access code. You simply have to open the email you receive to get these details.

Credit Card Reservation Process

The very first thing you need to be sure about is that you have accessed the official website of CapitalOne. We informed you about this because of phishing attacks. So access the official website of CapitalOne and stay safe.

How to Reserve Credit Card

Following is the information you need. Access

  • Sixteen-digit reservation number
  • Six-digit access code
  • Social security number
  • Mail address

Your will be entering your reservation number and access code. Next, you will provide information like your social security number, mail address, income etc. The time it takes to response varies. If it takes more than sixty seconds it means your application is being reviewed.

Following are the reservation links you will find very useful

CapitalOne Reservation URL
CapitalOne Credit Card Reservation FAQ
CapitalOne Small Business Cards

Note down the following customer service numbers

General Customer Service: 1-877-383-4802

Applying for the CapitalOne Personal credit card? Dial 1-800-695-5500

Person Credit Cards Contact Information

Inside the US: 1-800-227-4825

Outside the US: 1-804-934-2001

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