How to Activate Old Navy Card Account Online

Old Navy manufactures clothing and accessories for teens and young adults at affordable prices. We can define Old Navy as clothing and accessories retailing company. Old Nave flagship store can be found in New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and is operating with more than one thousand outlets in the United States. Sonia Syngal is the global president of the company.

Old Navy grew in the 90s and still, it is difficult to believe that it generated revenue of more than four billion dollars in early 90’s. Credit cards have made things simple for people as it gives them a lot of liberty. Now many companies and brands are offering credit cards making things simple for their customers. Gap Inc. is the parent company of Keep one thing in mind that here we are talking about Old Navy card and it has nothing to do with other brands of Gap Inc.

Activation Process

Following is the activation process of Old Navy Card.

  • Turn on your computer and launch your Internet browser.
  • You need to have a valid email address because you will receive information through email.
  • First-time users are required to first to “Register and Activate” section Link

  • Enter your User ID and password in the appropriate text fields. You may choose to check “Remember User ID” but you should only check this option if you are not using a public computer.
  • Click “Find user ID” or “Reset password” if you don’t remember your user ID or password.
  • Finally, click the activation button.

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