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DirecTV is must be a familiar name for you if you have accessed this page from the United States. It is a direct broadcast satellite provider in the United States. Besides United States, DirecTV also operates in Latin America and Caribbean. If you are still wondering what exactly DirecTV is, then think about Dish Network. The way DirecTV operates is the same as that of Dish Network.

DirecTV mainly targets the customers of cable television service and other satellite based services. Being a DirecTV user, you can order pay-per-view and video on demand events and movies. DirecTV pays motion pictures distributors and cable networks in order to make sure that its subscribers get to watch the best content.

Find Customer Service Phone Number

Most of the users must have come here in search of DirecTV customer service phone number. Well, if you are one of them, then we must tell you that you have landed on the right page. It is very important for you to know your DirecTV customer service phone number if you need to talk with someone at customer service department. Here is the customer service number you are looking for.

>> DirectTV Customer Service Numbers


If you need to order DirecTV then you need to dial


Those using Telecommunication Relay Service (TRS) will dial the following number


DirectTV Customer Service Phone Numbers
DirectTV Customer Service Phone Numbers

DirecTV Bill Payment Options

DirecTV has tried to keep things simple for its customers. People often ask about the most convenient way to pay DirecTV bill. Below, we have discussed various bill payment options. Read the following bill payment options and then choose the one you find the most convenient.

Postal Mail

Following is the DirecTV postal mail address

AT&T Payment Center
P.O. Box 930170
Dallas, TX 75393-0170

By Phone Number

Dial the following number in order to pay your bill through the phone.

Automated System

You can pay your bill through an automated system by dialing the number given below.


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  1. This is actually direct tv customer service agent number 800 531 5000, but I placed an order and they asked me to call on another phone number. What is its direct number for order inquiry? I am still waiting for my connection.

  2. Next time, my complaints should be mention on the board. The DirectTV is my favorite network but I am not satisfied with the service these days. I tried to contact the relevant department but not succeeded. Can you please write a direct number of DirectTV corporate office complaint department.

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